Your Session

What should you expect from my session?
What’s going to happen?

If you have additional questions… After reading this, or even before reading this Please don’t hesitate in contacting me! I’d love to help you with that!
Phone Call/Text and Email. I will say Calling and texting are the very best way to get me.

Lets Chat 425-417-4545

Not only do I want to answer all of your questions, take down info but….
I want to get a chance to get to know you a bit and you I. Possibly even set up a in person sit down!

Great excuse to grab a yummy dessert!! My treat!
These are your life events and I want your images to reflect you.

Booking your session:
I am thrilled to book your session!
Please give me a call and lets get out our calendars together.
Once your date is selected I will send off a contract for you to sign and at that time you can choose to pay either your 40% non refundable retainer fee or the session creative fee in full balance.  By signing this contract and making the minimum payment of 40% with in 48hrs in order to secure your booking.

Price list:
You will receive the current full price list via a link and password at the same time you also receive your contract and questionnaire (if applicable) in my first email to you .
I recommend you look over my price list and ask any questions prior to completing your contract and paying your 40% non refundable retainer fee.

The Big Day (Photo session)
General Sessions (Family, Children, Maternity, Engagement/Couple, Senior, Milestone) vary between 1- 2 hours.
I am in no hurry and you shouldn’t feel rushed either. Lets take our time and get those shots.
There is always time for one more.

Newborn sessions:
Our littlest clients get to set the pace. We take our time for extra feeding, changes and special cuddle time. Expect 2-3 hours
Bringing Book or iPad is strongly encouraged. Or you can kick back on the studio couch and catch some Zzz’s while I work. The room is nice and toasty so dress light.
I will send a newborn prep sheet ahead of time to cover all you need to help make your session an awesome success.

Milestones sessions:
Milestones are great!! Getting to get all of those pictures through out their first year and beyond!!
It’s a huge honor for me to get a front row set for it all! Thank you!

Milestone sessions need to be scheduled by you, please don’t forget! Being that they are spread out, I suggest you do it much in advance so to be sure we hit these important milestones when they happen.
They grow so fast and months go by in a blur!!!

There is a price discount for these milestone sessions but in order to get these you must pay down the 40% non refundable retainer fee at or before the newborn session to receive this awesome discount of $100 per milestone session rather than $150. Thats a great deal, don’t pass it by.

Engagement and Wedding:
Getting to know you is a huge and important must.
When we first book I right then and there arrange a meet up.
Send off your invoice for your 40% retainer fee and send off your price sheet, Engagement/Wedding Questionnaire!

That 40% retainer Invoices must be paid within 48hrs in order to lock your date.
Two weeks after your booking  Lets have some pie, read over your questionnaire, contract and talk about your engagement session!! Yay!!
Engagment Session So there is a BIG reason I offer the engagement session as a complimentary service when booking a wedding. I want you to be you in these pictures. Feel good, comfortable. My plan is by the time of the Big Day we know each other and I get in there and give you the day you deserve. I only take just a handful of weddings a year and it’s specifically because I like to SPOIL my B&G’s.

2 weeks before the big day I like to do a venue walk through or at min visit. Answer question, talk about your day. Tic Talk it’s getting near!
Day of. I am there for you. You day will be amazing, just breath, today it the big day, it has arrived!!

Facebook Sneak Peak:
Any and ALL sessions and events I would be more than happy to give you a sneak peak on Facebook! But this being said, if you choose to keep things off of Facebook then no problem, I will gladly respect your wishes.

In Person Gallery Reveal/ Ordering Session:
For all sessions I will have your beautiful images processed and prepared for your in person gallery reveal/Ordering session.
I will come to your home, bring you a treat and show you in person your amazing images. With this I will also bring Sample products such as Albums, Books, Canvas so to show you and help decide what you would like to do with your lovely images.

I will also after your in person session have a private password protected proofing gallery just for you! I strongly encourage you to share it with well… Everyone you’d like!
Your gallery will remain available for 1 month and then it will automatically expire.

Download Galleries:
If you have opted to purchase your high resolution gallery or galleries please note that All download galleries expire 1 month from launch date. After which galleries are purged to make room for newer galleries. If you would like a gallery reloaded, please contact me I would be happy to do so.
Please note: Wedding/Events there is a $20 reload fee due to the size of these galleries all other smaller galleries there is no reload fee.

All orders must be paid in full prior to an order being sent to the lab or high-resolution images being loaded into your online gallery or onto archival USB.
This includes off line payment options. A check is mail able to me.

Please contact me for details.

Delivery of all Goodies
No part of your order may be delivered until all payments are made in full. No exceptions.
I love to In person delivery! Getting to see your expression is a Treat!
But if you’d like I can also have your goodies mailed directly to you!

Some extra shipping will be required. Shipping cost varies on your order. I would be happy to work with you on this matter.

All sittings, prints and products are subject to a tax of 9.5% All sales are final. If a session goes unpaid or is waved please know that any USB, Downloads, print, products and announcements become unavailable as part of the original session contract if included and must be made purchase separate if desired.

>>>all session prices and packages are subject to change without notice<<<

F a c e b o o k